Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I'm here

I'm here to debate the Christian Identity preacher, "Pastor" Ben Heath of Princeton, Minnesota. Because he refuses to debate me in person, I am using this forum to spread the truth concerning this cultist, racist ideology. His website may be found at and

He fashions his site and his doctrine almost exactly like the Christian Identity preacher he has studied under for so many years, Pastor Arnold Murray. To compare the two sites, see . You will amazed by the similarities, even in the CDs and books they peddle. Although Ben Heath no longer openly acknowledges his affiliation with Shepherd's Chapel and Pastor Arnold Murray, you may view a picture of Ben Heath with his wife, Nicole, at the Grand Palace in Branson, Missouri where they are attending Pastor Arnold Murray's Passover service on Ben's myspace page, under his "photos" tab.

Check back frequently for updates as I compare and contrast Ben's posts on his sites with Christian Identity preachers such as Pastor Arnold Murray.